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Spring Break

31 Mar

I feel like I’m a lot happier when I’ve distanced myself from home and everything that is home. I like the life I’ve created for myself in the bay.

Now people from here are going to pollute my bubble of self sufficiency 500 miles away.

Grrrrr stay away from what’s mine, the lot of you!!!

It’s a large campus, I know, but that does not mean that awkward encounters won’t happen.


Trust thyself.

3 Mar

I can’t say the past few weeks have been my best. It’s been everything from downright dreadful to shocking (in the good way, perhaps the best way possible). It’s weeks like this that teach you just exactly what you’re made of.

“I make my own luck.”

These were words confidently stated by Jack Dawson as he confronted a mass of rich bastards on the Titanic. These are words to live by. At the end of the day, there is no one else to depend on but yourself. You can’t count on other people screwing up, you can’t count on the perfect storm. All you can do is work hard and give yourself the opportunity to succeed.

For a while there, I really lost track of my capabilities as a student. At an institution as competitive as Berkeley, it’s very easy to feel like you simply aren’t good enough. That’s one of the things I hate most about my school. Grade deflation is becoming very real to me LOL

My relationship with my roommate is a roller coaster. I can’t even get into the details of that right now.

Actually, she’s currently pissing me off, so I’ve kinda lost track of everything I wanted to write about in my rage. Will update at another time when I feel like I have something meaningful to say…